All animals turned into the Shelter as strays with no form of identification will be held for three full business days, including Saturdays. On the fourth business day, if unclaimed, the animal will be the legal property of the Humane Society’s Mountain Shelter. If someone claims an animal after the three day holding period, they will have to go through the standard adoption procedures.

If the animal is reclaimed during the three-day holding period, a fee of $50 will be charged to help cover the cost of the intake process. Proof of rabies vaccination is required by the State. If proof cannot be provided, then an additional fee will be required. A $15 boarding fee per day or any portion of a day will also be charged. A $15 discount will be given to owners providing proof that the animal has been spayed or neutered. If an animal is turned in with identification, the Shelter will make every effort to contact the owner. If the owner is contacted, they will have five days in which to retrieve the animal.

All owners reclaiming a pet will be required to show proof of ownership. Examples of such proof are a photo of the pet with the owner, veterinary documentation, or other proof approved by the Shelter manager.